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missing padlets

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Stephen Highfield

i created 2 Padlets yesterday inline with the induction activities and today i cant find them, does anyone know why or where they may have gone? 



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  1. Re: missing padlets

    Dear Rebecca,

    Thank you for your forum post.

    When accessing and signing into Padlet, there are two different processes available, both of which will result in effectively signing into a different Padlet account, despite using the same login credentials.

    To correctly sign into Padlet, you'll need to access OCA Padlet (oca.padlet.org), and sign in using the 'Login with Google' option. Following this process, you'll be signed into your OCA managed, Padlet Backpack account.

    Alternatively, it's also possible for students to sign into a Padlet account via the public Padlet website (padlet.com) using their OCA email address, similar to signing into Padlet using a personal Google or Padlet account, and thus isn't associated or managed by OCA. Accessing the aforementioned Vanilla & Backpack Padlet Accounts guidance, this is referred to as a "Vanilla" account.

    I suspect, although I cannot say for certain as OCA doesn't manage the account, you've initially signed into and created the Padlets using a "Vanilla" Padlet account, and having now signed into your OCA managed Backpack Padlet account, are unable to view and access the Padlets. If correct, accessing and signing into Padlet via padlet.com, you should be able to locate the Padlets you previous created.

    In which instance, I'd recommend following the Import & Export a Padlet guidance to migrate the Padlets to your OCA managed, OCA Padlet Backpack account, accessible via oca.padlet.com.

    Kind regards,
    Stephen Highfield | TEL Team
    Digital Content & Support Administrator