Text Editor

This chapter is applicable to those using the text editor available within OCA Learn, such as when creating a forum post or using the online text[box] when submitting an assignment. 

This chapter is broken down into three headings;

Interface: An interactive activity which demonstrates the various tools and options available within the editor.

Good Practice & Tips: General good practice and advice including;

Forums: Support and guidance only applicable when using a forum activity.


The following interactive OCA Learn Text Editor activity provides information on the various applicable options available when using the text editor available within OCA Learn. Begin by selecting any of the 'i' icons to find out more information about a specific option.

Good Practice & Tips

Copying & Pasting Text

Text copied from an external source, such as a Microsoft Word or Google Document, does not retain the following and will therefore need to be manually reapplied once pasted into the editor;

  • Bold or Italic formatting
  • Paragraph or Heading styles
  • Hyperlinks

Upon pasting text from an external source, you may also wish to use the ‘Clear Formatting’ option - as explained in the Interface subheading - to remove any additional formatting caused by the process of copying and pasting text.

The TEL Team also recommends against copying and pasting images, instead ensuring to follow the Inserting Images guidance, and applying any formatting, such as bold or italic text, only once all the contents have been pasted and are in position.

A hyperlink is selectable or clickable text that redirects the user to another page or site, for example, Google or Google.com. By default, links added within OCA Learn do not automatically hyperlink and will therefore need to be manually created; this is different to Microsoft Word, for instance, where adding the “google.com” text will automatically create a hyperlink. 

Additionally, a hyperlink can be added to all text and isn’t limited solely to links and/or URLs. For example, a hyperlink can be created using both “Google” and “Google.com”.

With the desired text selected, next select the ‘Link’ option - as explained in the Interface subheading - and add the appropriate URL within the ‘Create Link’ window. The TEL Team would also recommend selecting the ‘Open in new window’ option, before selecting the ‘Create Link’ option.

Inserting Images

To insert an image, first select the ‘Show/Hide Advanced Options’ option - as explained in the Interface subheading - followed by the ‘Insert/Edit Image’ option. Next select the red ‘Browse Repositories…’ option, and ensure the ‘Upload a File’ heading is selected, followed by selecting ‘Choose File’, where you’ll then be prompted to upload your desired image.

Upon selecting your image, next select the red ‘Upload this File’ option, where you’ll then be prompted to include an alt tag and be able to resize your image if necessary. An “alt tag” or “description” is used by those who may be visually impaired and should be used to describe your image. Additionally and by default, the width of your image will be constrained by OCA Learn, and in the event you do need to resize your image, the TEL Team would recommend ensuring the ‘Auto Size’ option is enabled. While there is no recommended or maximum width for your image, the TEL Team would however recommend ensuring your image is no larger than 1000px in height. 

Once complete, you can then select the red ‘Save Image’ option, whereby your image will be inserted based on the position of your caret (flashing cursor icon).

To insert another image, deselecting your existing image, either by selecting the existing image followed by the left or right arrow key on your keyboard, or by selecting any of the surrounding area within the textbox, before following the above process once again.

To edit an existing image, such as to replace or resize the image, first select the appropriate image followed by the 'Add/Edit Image' option, as explained in the Interface subheading. 


To access the additional formatting options outlined in the Interface subheading; upon selecting the ‘Add a new discussion’ or ‘Reply’ option, next select the ‘Use advanced editor and additional options’ option, located in the lower right corner and beneath the initial text editor.

Additionally, when posting to a forum, students have a five minute window upon publishing their post in which to edit it, and will be unable to edit their post thereafter. Should you need to edit your post after the five minute window has expired, please contact the TEL Team.