Interface & Navigation


The following interactive OCA Learn Interface activity demonstrates the 'My Courses' page and provides information on the various applicable options available. Begin by selecting any of the 'i' icons to find out more information about a specific option.


My Courses

The 'My Courses' option is available from any course, section or activity on OCA Learn and is located in the upper right corner. The 'My Courses' page functions similar to an overlay, and selecting the option won't immediately navigate from your current page without first selecting another course or option, instead can be closed, thus returning to your original page by selecting the 'Close' option, also located in the upper right corner.

Breadcrumb Trail

The breadcrumb trail located in the upper left corner from any course, section or activity, you'll find the breadcrumb trail, which can be used to identify the path taken to access a particular page, section or activity, as demonstrated in the screenshot below, and follows the following format; Home / Courses / Programme / Course Code / Section / Activity.

Screenshot of the OCA Learn interface demonstrating the breadcrumb trail. 

Selecting any of these options will take you to the respective course, section or activity, and can be further used to identify the path or route to find and access an activity or resource.