Graphic Design 2 - How many creative pieces?

Graphic Design 2 - How many creative pieces?

by Clair Jackson -
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I would like to know how any creative pieces to select for Graphic Design 2: Working with a Client? 

I can see under it says 'You should aim to select 8 to 12 pieces of creative work.' but there is no differentiation between a 40 and 60 credit course and I would imagine you need more pieces for a 60 credit course. I think I've seen on old documents it's around 15 pieces.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Graphic Design 2 - How many creative pieces?

by Edward Smith -
Hi Clair,

That's right, the advice for your Graphic Design course unit recommends that you select between 8 and 12 pieces of creative work, which you have already quoted from this section of the assessment guidance.

We do have an FAQ resource on the Assessment Padlet with a question about pieces of creative work which may help to expand upon this guidance below:

If I'm asked to include in my submission 'x number' of pieces of creative work, what defines one piece of creative work?

Our understanding is that 'piece' is being defined for assessment as a 'piece of student work', which could be a stand alone image, a set/series of images, an artefact, a video/film, a written piece, a composition, a single design, a set/series of designs, or any sort of outcome from a course/tutor directed or self directed task.

This definition allows students across the board the opportunity to select pieces of work from their larger portfolio of work from their entire course unit.

This means that you can look to the work you have produced for exercises and projects as well as final assignment outcomes.

You're also right Clair that there are no differentiations between the 40 and 60 credit course units for this particular assessment requirement. You will of course have additional requirements to submit for your 60 credit course unit, such as the Critical Review component which is required at Level 2/HE5 (60 credit course units), but not at Level 1/HE4 (40 credit course units).

I hope that this answer is helpful to you.