New assessment criteria

New assessment criteria

by Holly Woodward -
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The February assessment results are out today, and they are in a new format, with three headings instead of four. These are Knowledge, Understanding and Application, but there is no breakdown of the marks for each section. Is OCA going to be giving us that information please? Without any guidelines for each part, and the marks, the grading is not nearly as informative as it was previously.


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Re: New assessment criteria

by Christian Lloyd -
Hi Holly
Yes, that's right, we've moved away from giving numbers for each criteria. Instead you'll find that your summative feedback will indicate, through it's use of language, which grade banding you fall into. These are unpacked in more detail within the assessment criteria:

The reason for the change is to make our assessment more holistic. This means assessors have more flexibility in how they reward your accomplishments. Instead of an exact number, say 55, they will provide an indication of your banding, eg. within the 50-59 banding. Moving away from an exact number allows for more movement within the criteria. This approaches enables higher marks as a whole. 

You will find more details about how it works within the narrative of this resource
Thanks, Christian