Photography 1.1 Approaching Photography

Photography 1.1 Approaching Photography

by Laura Drury -
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I can't find a guide to the specific assessment requirements for this unit.  The older course 'Expressing Your Vision' is listed but not the new one.  Basically I just want to know how many examples should we include for 'A selection of creative work' - are they looking for a couple or a dozen?  Don't want to put in too much but equally need to make sure I include enough.....

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Re: Photography 1.1 Approaching Photography

by Christian Lloyd -
Hi Laura
We're working on adding all the new units to the assessment resource, so they'll be with you soon. Be rest assured that the basic approach to assessment remains the same, so it's still a selection of learning log entries, a selection of creative work, any critical reviews, and a reflective presentation. There's existing guidance on how many pieces to submit for the current units, which we can assume will be very similar too. You may want to ask your Programme Leader, Dan Robinson, if you want any more detail.

I hope that helps, Christian