Photography Spring Assessment Submission Help?

Photography Spring Assessment Submission Help?

by Alexandra Macey -
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Hello everyone, I am due to submit my work for the 1.1 Approaching Photography course within the next week, however I have no clue on what and how I am supposed to submit?

My questions are:
- What parts of my website/learning blog go in which subfolder?
- Do I download the tutor feedback files and place that in the 'tutor reports' folder? Or is it for something else?
- As all my work over the last year has been documented on my website, so do I copy the relevant page URL links and put them on a PDF document or copy and paste the work itself and put that on a PDF document instead? The latter would be tricky as I've used images and cited them accordingly etc. on my pages so recreating the layout would be difficult. 

Here is the link to my website if that helps:

I have never done this before, and have already tried asking my tutor and guidance services, but no one is getting back to me. Throughout the course, I assumed that I'd copy in a link from each unit, similar to how I submitted it for tutor feedback, but this has thrown me off. I have also tried searching existing guidelines, but they are too general and not specific in regards to my course/situation. I am desperate for clarification, as the last thing I want is the work I've done over the last year be wasted, purely due to not being correctly submitted.

I've attached a screenshot of the subfolders I'm meant to use. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Photography Spring Assessment Submission Help?

by Joanna Cannon -

Hi there, have a go at listening to this to see if this helps with your submission questions. I watched it the other day and it was really helpful. The only part that I have a question about however is not answered on here! Good luck.
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Re: Photography Spring Assessment Submission Help?

by Alexandra Macey -
Thank you very much! This does help for sure. Do you know where I can download the template for learning outcomes?