LO1 and submission format

LO1 and submission format

by Mary Kyd -
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Hello Edward,

Two final questions:

L01 says: "Explore a broad range of image making practices."  Read in conjunction with LO2 which is a "applying technical and visual skills" I am assuming that "explore" should be interpreted as showing your research on different practices rather than actually testing out the practices - which I believe is dealt with in LO2.  I could not find any further explanation of the learning outcomes in the assessment material.

Submission of assessment material:  I have been using a padlet to organize my submission for assessment. My padlet will contain hyperlinks to my learning logs, plus an additional files as needed for the assessors.  Is it acceptable to upload only the link to my padlet that links to all my assessment submission to my Assessment G Drive?  Here is padlet link for you to see what I have so far https://oca.padlet.org/mary526039ocaacuk/ph4aph-1-1-mary-kyd-526039-assessment-summer-2023-p5xzw00969rjfhbr

Yes thank you your other responses have been helpful in clarifying several points.

Many thanks,


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Re: LO1 and submission format

by Edward Smith -
You're welcome Mary,

I'm glad that you found my other responses helpful.

In answer to these two questions:

L01: Yes, I think that the term 'explore' often relates to research, but I would say that you can carry out research by doing things as well as reading about them so bear this in mind. This may well lead to some crossover between both the first and second learning outcomes.

Submission of assessment material: So long as you present assessors/examiners with your assessment requirements in an available format, you can choose whichever format you want for presenting your work at assessment. I've taken a look at the link you've supplied in your post to the forum, and it would appear that you have assembled the work in response to the assessment requirements and are using clear titling and labelling to make your selections of work as navigable as they would be as files in the GDrive folders. I would recommend placing a document into each of your GDrive's sub folders in order to direct the assessors/examiners to the Padlet at every opportunity. These documents can confirm where they can find each of the assessment requirements on the Padlet. ALso be sure to check the settings of the Padlet allow for anyone with the link to view it etc.

Hope you find this guidance useful Mary.
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Re: LO1 and submission format

by Alan Walters -
The advice from Edward is succinct and I am but a first year (old fashioned expression) student...
When I set my submission up I thought to myself - the tutors will have oodles of submissions to get through - how can I make this as simple as possible for them so they have the maximum time available to actually read my work - rather than spending time finding it?
Take care