Photography 1.1. Amount of work to submit for Assessment

Photography 1.1. Amount of work to submit for Assessment

by Mary Kyd -
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Could you please how many pieces of work I need to submit for the Photography 1.1. assessment:

Learning Outcomes - 2-3 learning log entries per Learning Outcome?  

Creative work - how many pieces of creative work?  If I have a series of photographs in a photographic work does that count as one piece of creative work, or is the quantity determined by the number of photographs in the photographic work. e.g. I have two main photographic works each of which contains several individual photographs.

Critical reviews, essays, or other written reports - is this all of my written work or just the main essays.  We had two to complete.

Can I use the same piece of work for two purposes e.g. written analysis to evidence meeting of a Learning Outcome and also used for written reports.

Thanks, Mary

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Re: Photography 1.1. Amount of work to submit for Assessment

by Edward Smith -
Selection of learning log entries: Select 2 to 3 learning log entries per learning outcome for your unit. There should be four learning outcomes for your given unit. This would total a minimum of 8 learning log entries and a maximum of 12.

Selection of creative work: Selecting three assignment outcomes (excluding critical reviews/essays) or pieces of creative work. These assignment outcomes/pieces of creative work would typically constitute a series of photographs, but depending on how you have approached an assignment brief or course exercise, it could be a video outcome, an installation, an photographic artefact or other piece of digital media. Do not not select the ‘best images’ from across all of the series’ you have produced.

Critical review: You may have been asked to produce several pieces of writing for your unit, but the one main piece to be submitted in support of this assessment requirement is the one that makes specific reference to being your critical review for the unit. I believe that for your Photography 1.1 unit, this would be the final draft of the outcome for the eighth project - Making sense of photographs. You do not need to submit any other pieces of writing for this requirement, or for the plagiarism checks.

Reflective evaluation/presentation: This can take the form of a presentation, short video, or a written evaluation. It should be no longer than 6 minutes or an equivalent 750 words. Your reflective presentation or evaluation will also help assessors to navigate your submission.

As for your query regarding the use of the same piece of work for two purposes, yes, it may be that the same piece of work can be used for two different assessment requirements, but it will depend upon what it is you're choosing. For example, you may choose the outcome from a given project to make up your selection of creative work, and you may also use a learning log entry reflecting on this project's outcome for one of your learning log entries. In which case the selections are similar given they concern the same project, but the work put for forward for the two different requirements will differ in that one will be a presentation of your photographs, and the other, a reflection on the project itself.

I hope that this helps to answer your various queries Mary. Wishing you all the best in your assessment!
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Re: Photography 1.1. Amount of work to submit for Assessment

by Mary Kyd -
Hi Edward,

Thank you for clarify.