Photography Critical Work

Photography Critical Work

by Mary Kyd -
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May submit critical work that is a result of attending an OCA workshop while enrolled in my OCA unit or does the critical work have to be directly associated with an exercise or assignment in the unit?

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Re: Photography Critical Work

by Edward Smith -
Hi Mary,

The assessment requirements are such that they allow students a wide variety of choice when putting together their work for submission to formal assessment. THe work put forward needs to be reflective of the learning outcomes for the course unit you're submitting for.

The assessment requirement 'selection of creative work' can be comprised of outcomes from exercises, projects or assignments, or other work completed as part of your wider studies. Therefore, work you've completed as part of a workshop whilst on the course can be used to evidence your meeting the learning outcomes. It's up to you to decide whether or not the work resulting from the workshop best evidences your meeting the learning outcomes, in conjunction with the other work you select.

The assessment requirement of 'critical review' will be a very specific outcome, the critical review for your given unit, should it have asked for one. The critical review is normally a set piece of academic writing, researched and referenced etc.

I'd recommend taking a look at the discipline specific guidance for photography here on the Assessment Guidance resource for more advice on the requirements for photography.

I hope that this answers your query Mary.