WORD DOCX (Double Spaced?)

WORD DOCX (Double Spaced?)

by Christian Boult -
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Hi All.

A technical question if I may please?

I am about to submit my final essay for Lv6 Contextual Studies PT6CTS. (Painting Degree)

The submission guidelines ask for a DOCX file.

Must the document be double or single spaced?

Thank you very much if anyone has a handle on this.

Christian 511553

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Re: WORD DOCX (Double Spaced?)

by Edward Smith -
Hi Christian,

I do not believe we currently have specific formatting for our formal pieces of academic writing - with the exception of creative writing when formatting work for poetry/script etc.

However I would recommend going with no less than a one and a half line spacing (1.5) to increase the ease of reading for tutors/assessors/examiners.

Hope this helps.
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Re: WORD DOCX (Double Spaced?)

by Christian Boult -

Hi Edward.

Thank you so much for getting back to me.

The Devil is in the detail so they say!

Many kind regards.