Graphic Design: Core Concepts

Graphic Design: Core Concepts

by Lauren Mapp -
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I’ve been stressing myself out with the assessment, as I don’t know how to present it.

I have been over the resources, I believe I need 8 to 12 pieces of creative work? How do I present this work? Also, do I need to screenshot my entire learning log for the pieces I’ve chosen and then show the edited version?

From checking the schedule, we should receive an invitation to the assessment, then we have until 10/02 to submit it? My tutor told me to let OCA know one month in advance if I wanted assessment, which has left me a little confused.

I have been looking for examples on how to layout the work materials but so far I’ve been unsuccessful. If anyone could point me in the direction of some examples I’d appreciate it!

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Re: Graphic Design: Core Concepts

by Edward Smith -
Hello Lauren,

I'm sorry to hear that you've been feeling stressed about your assessment, I hope my answers can help to reassure.

We've left the presentation of work open to each student to decide what works best for them and the creative work that they have produced. I would say that students are making use of a variety of presentation methods, as varied as google docs/Word documents, to google slides/PowerPoint presentations, PDF portfolios, a list of jpg image files, links to OCA Spaces blogs, video files or links to video streaming sites, and web based portfolios. If you haven't done so yet, I'd suggest reaching out to your peers in the graphic design department space so that those peers who have been through an assessment can share their experiences.

As for your learning log entries, again it's up to each student to decide how they present these for assessment. If you've used a blog for your learning log, I would not recommended taking screenshots of the selected content, I would either provide links to the selected entries on the web, or I would extract the original text by copying the text and pasting it into a word processed document and supplying that for assessment.

In terms of receiving invites for assessment, yes you receive an invite direct from the assessment team by email and have until midday 10 February 2023 to upload your submission for the Spring 2023 event. Students used to apply for assessment events in the past, which may be what your tutor was referring to. I can confirm that we longer require applications for formal assessment at undergraduate level.

I hope that these answers help Lauren and wish you all the best in your upcoming assessment.