MU4SYT - Stylistic Techniques - Learning Outcome 4 query

MU4SYT - Stylistic Techniques - Learning Outcome 4 query

by Andrew Martin -
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Hi all,

I'm putting together my assessment material for the Spring session, and have a couple of queries about the learning outcomes for MU4SYT - Music 1: Stylistic Techniques. Learning outcome 4 is the following:

LO4 demonstrate an ability to read the work of established composers in written form, enhanced listening skills and an ability to reflect upon your own learning experience

Re: the part I've made bold, does this mean that (when compiling my chosen Learning Log entries) I should:

1. provide examples where I've researched a composers piece (books, journal entries, dissertations and the like), i.e I've read texts about an established composers work (and subsequently written about it myself).


2. does 'reading' the work refer to say, reading a score and then writing about it myself?

My gut is telling me that it's #1, however I thought it best to be certain.

Secondly, this learning outcome seems to have three parts (the above being the first, followed by enhanced listening skills as the second, and reflective evaluation as the third). Is it recommended to pick one example of each (as there is space for three listening log entries)?

If someone could please clarify the above points for me, I'd really appreciate it.



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Re: MU4SYT - Stylistic Techniques - Learning Outcome 4 query

by Edward Smith -
Hello Andy,

In answer to your first query, it's all about evidencing research, which can include all of the suggestions that you've listed, texts written about or by composers or your own observations of their scores etc.

As for your second query, it's for each student to make their own selections. So if you think that you can evidence meeting the learning outcome in three parts, then it would make sense to select three learning log entries that reflect those aspects you have categorised.

Hope this helps Andy.