Spaces links to google drive

Spaces links to google drive

by Lynn Excell -
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Hello all, this may be a stupid question, but do I have to covert all my log entries from my spaces account to a word doc (or similar) to upload them to my assessment drive, or is there a way I can just add a link to the relevant place on my spaces site? I can't see how that can be done as there are only options to upload files? Once again, apologies if this is super easy and I'm just not seeing it!

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Re: Spaces links to google drive

by Danielle Powers -

Hi Lynn, I'm also trying to upload log entries to GDrive folders. If you've found the way can you share please!

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Re: Spaces links to google drive

by Edward Smith -
Hi Lynn and Dan,

Thank you for your posts, and no worries about questions here.

No you don't have to convert all of your log entries from your spaces blog into a document for your assessment submission. You need to select specific learning log entries that you believe evidence your meeting the learning outcomes of your unit. Some students might choose to extract the entry from their blog and present it in a document such as a word doc, but many provide their entries by listing the direct web links to the entries in a document, again such as a word doc.

I hope this helps to reassure you in your assessment submission preparation.