OCA Autumn 2022 Assessment Event

OCA Autumn 2022 Assessment Event

by Edward Smith -
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Assessment guidance and key dates for Autumn 2022

We wrote to all OCA students to confirm the details for the online Autumn 2022 undergraduate assessment event and signpost students who are eligible for the Autumn 2022 event to the latest assessment guidance. This email was sent out at 15:36 BST Friday 16 September 2022 to all students but does not apply to postgraduate, foundations or personal development students.

What are the key dates for the online Autumn 2022 assessment event?

Cut off point for invitation/application to the event - 23 September 2022

Earliest date for submission of work to the event - 30 September 2022

Deadline for submission of work to the event - 14 October 2022

How do the dates work?

As confirmed in our previous mail of 18 August 2022, there has been a formal change from application to invitation to assessment for all upcoming and future assessment events. However, we have for the Autumn 2022 event maintained the assessment application form, and still require students to complete the form so as to make the Affirmation that all work sent for assessment is their own etc.

The latest date by which you can apply for the online Autumn 2022 assessment event is 23 September 2022, the same date by which a student’s course unit needs to be marked as complete in order to be eligible for assessment at the online Autumn 2022 event.

After this date, we will finish compiling the list of eligible students alongside the list of applications and use this information to create the required spaces for you to upload your submissions, via the GDrive or the OCA Learn VLE. The GDrive folders will be shared with you by no later than midday 30 September 2022.

The latest date that work can be uploaded to these GDrive folders will be midday 14 October 2022, and any submissions sent to us/uploaded/edited beyond this date will not be accepted. Students will retain ‘Viewer’ only access after the submission deadline date.

How do I apply and submit for online assessment?

Follow the advice held in the Assessment Guidance resource to apply and submit for the online Autumn 2022 assessment event here on OCA Learn.

The majority of students will utilise the GDrive service to submit their work for assessment, except for Music students who will continue to utilise the OCA Learn VLE to submit.

What if I have applied/am invited but cannot submit?

If you have applied for, or are invited to, the online Autumn 2022 assessment event, but will be unable to submit for any reason, please email - assessment@oca.ac.uk - as soon as possible to let us know.

If you are eligible  for the online Autumn 2022 assessment event , you will be registered with UCA to be assessed. Should you need to withdraw from this event the deadline to do so without penalty will be midday 14 October 2022. We do not accept requests to withdraw after this date, and therefore non submissions of work to the event will result in a penalty of a 0% fail mark, as per Section 3.5 Failure and Reassessment in the Academic Regulations Framework, available here on the OCA website.

Please be advised should there be evidenced mitigating circumstances that either prevent students notifying us of withdrawal after the deadline or submitting by the deadline you may be eligible to resit for an uncapped mark. For any student experiencing difficulties in meeting assessment deadlines, please contact the Learner Support Team - learnersupport@oca.ac.uk - at the earliest opportunity.

Where can I find guidance on assessment?

Advice and guidance for assessment can be found in the Assessment Guidance resource here on OCA Learn. The resource is broken down into different sections:

  • Introduction - This section holds an assessment questions forum where students can pose questions.
  • Understanding assessment - This section provides information on how assessment works, along with the assessment criteria document, and a directory of learning outcomes and discipline specific guidance, for all OCA course units.
  • Applying for assessment - This section holds the application form for assessment, and confirms the key dates for events.
  • Preparing your submission - This section provides guidance and structured activities to help students prepare their submission, and holds the OCA Assessment Padlet.
  • Submitting your work - This section provides guidance on how to submit for assessment.
  • Learning from assessment - This section holds a pre recorded webinar on interpreting assessment results, a survey for providing feedback on assessment, and information to help students understand their marksheets.

No fundamental changes to assessment requirements have been made for this academic year. Please access the assessment guidance resource to help you understand, prepare, submit, and reflect on assessment.

When will my summative mark and feedback be available?

The Exam Board is scheduled for the week commencing 12 December 2022 to confirm your assessment results. We will look to provide marks and summative feedback by no later than 16 December 2022.

Who do I contact with any other questions about assessment?

If after consulting the guidance available for assessment you have any queries, please contact the Assessment Team as soon as possible - assessment@oca.ac.uk - and we will do our best to assist you.

We wish you all the best for your next assessment.

Kind regards

OCA Assessment Team