Contextual Studies: A4 hard copy

Contextual Studies: A4 hard copy

by Blas Gonzalez -
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I've applied for the autumn assessment of Contextual Studies. In page 59 of the Contextual Studies book, in the chapter "Formal Assessment Requirements" says:

"Submit one A4 hard copy of your literature review and proposal, two A4 hard copies of your extended written project, and electronic copies of both to GDrive....."

Is this still applicable in the digital Assessment scenario?

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Re: Contextual Studies: A4 hard copy

by Edward Smith -
Hi Blas,

Thank you for your question.

No, the request for a physical copy of the assessment requirements is not applicable to the digital assessment. You may disregard this piece of advice from the course material as it has been superseded by the guidance that has been developed for the digital only approach to assessment.