PAR 3.1 Painting - Critical Review

PAR 3.1 Painting - Critical Review

by Roger Rowley -
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Hi Edward,

I have it in my head that the word count for a critical review has a 10% margin (-/+). Is this correct or is the 2500 word count fixed as an upper limit?

With kind regards


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Re: PAR 3.1 Painting - Critical Review

by Edward Smith -
Hi Roger,

Apologies you've been waiting so long for a response, it's been a busy couple of months. My understanding is that when there is a lone number word count given for a piece of course work, there is a 10% margin (-/+). If a word count was to be given in a range of numbers, for example 2000 to 2500 words, then there would be no margins.

I hope that this confirms you were correct and assists with any other word counts you encounter in future, and apologies once again for the significant delay in responding to your forum post.