Submitting Assignments

This chapter contains both written and visual guidance, and a video demonstration.

Written & Visual Guidance

To submit an assignment via OCA Learn first select the ‘My Courses’ option, located in the upper right corner, followed by the respective course.

Upon accessing the appropriate course and using the menu located on the left, select the appropriate part or project; in most instances, the assignment activity can be found in the corresponding part or project. For example, Assignment 3 is typically located in Part or Project 3.

Next locate the appropriate assignment activity, most often located at the end of the course contents or towards the bottom of the respective section. Once located, then select the assignment activity, whereby you’ll then be able to read the assignment brief and select the ‘Add Submission’ option.

Screenshot highlighting an assignment activity within the OCA Learn interface.

On the following page, you can then upload any file(s) beneath the ‘File Submissions’ heading, either by dragging and dropping the files onto the OCA Learn i‍nterface or by selecting the ‘Add’ option. In addition or alternatively and depending on the assignment brief, you can also add a link to your learning log or specific blog post(s), and further include any further comments or information in the textbox, located beneath the ‘Online Text’ heading.

For information on how to link your learning log or specific blog post(s), please visit the Accessing & Linking your Learning Log sub-chapter. Additionally, for information on how to create a clickable or selectable hyperlink to your learning log or respective blog posts within your assignment submission, please visit the Creating Hyperlinks sub-chapter.

Screenshot demonstrating the Add Submission interface within OCA Learn.

With your submission uploaded and consisting of uploaded file(s) and/or a link to your learning log or specific blog post(s), you can then select the ‘Save Changes’ option, located in the lower left.

On the following page, you'll then need to confirm your submission by selecting the ‘Submit Assignment’ option; failure to follow this final step will result in your assignment being left in draft status, whereby your tutor will not receive notification of your submission.

Screenshot demonstrating the 'Submit Assignment' option within the OCA Learn interface.

If done correctly, both you and your tutor will each receive an automated email confirming your assignment submission.

Video Demonstration

Should you find it helpful, the following Submitting Assignments video also demonstrates the process of submitting your assignment via OCA Learn.