Activity Completion

Please note that the course completion or progress displayed for a course on OCA Learn isn't monitored or mandated during your course and is not a requirement for having a course unit marked as ‘Complete’. This sub-chapter is only applicable to students who would like their course to be displayed as complete on OCA Learn.

The 'Complete' course unit status required for any OCA course unit to be marked as complete in order to remain within unit and programme timeframes, and to carry out formal assessment, refers to OCA's official student records and isn't in reference to the course completion displayed on OCA Learn.

Activity completion is applied per each activity, and is used to calculate and display the progress made within a particular course. The activity completion may differ per each activity and will use one of the following three settings;

Not Applicable

The activity doesn't have any activity completion settings applied and therefore doesn’t contribute towards the completion or progress percentage of the course. The ‘Not applicable’ setting can be identified by the lack of a ‘Tick’ or ‘Explanation Mark’ icon, as further explained in the following two settings.

Screenshot demonstrating an Assignment activity with no activity completion.


Automatic activity completion will automatically mark the activity as complete once the activity criteria has been satisfied. Satisfying the criteria typically requires reading through the activity and any chapters or sub-chapters and/or uploading and submitting work. Automatic activity completion can be identified by the ‘Explanation Mark’ icon, located in the upper right corner of the respective activity.

Screenshot demonstrating an Assignment activity with automatic activity completion.

In the instance automatic completion is applied, you can also access the activity and view the completion criteria, available in the upper left corner, and as demonstrated in the screenshot below.

Screenshot demonstrating the completion criteria, highlighted in red, when accessing an activity with automatic completion.


Manual activity completion can be identified by the grey ‘Tick’ icon, located in the upper right of the respective activity, and the activity can be manually marked as complete by selecting the same grey 'Tick' icon.

Screenshot demonstrating an Assignment activity with manual activity completion.

Identifying Outstanding Activities

Any outstanding activities can quickly be identified by viewing the sections menu - located on the left and as demonstrated in the screenshot below - before visiting sections which aren't complete and locating any activities which aren't completed. Activities which are complete will be marked by a green equivalent of the 'Tick' or 'Explanation Mark' icon, as explained above and demonstrated in the screenshot below. 

Screenshot demonstrating the sections menu and the progress.