Signing In

Prior to accessing and signing into OCA Learn, you’ll first need to sign into your OCA email account; please visit the Google Support & Guidance section for more information on this process. 

Upon signing into your OCA Email account, you can access and sign into OCA Learn using the ‘Sign in with your OCA Email through Google’ option, as highlighted in the screenshot below.

Screenshot featuring OCA Learn and the 'Login with OCA email' option highlighted in red.

Selecting this option whilst signed into your OCA Email account will sign you in automatically. In the event you’re signed into multiple Google accounts and aren’t using separate Google Chrome Profiles - as suggested in the Google Support & Guidance section - you’ll need to select your OCA account from a list of signed in users. Providing you’re signed into your OCA email account, at no stage do you need to manually enter your login details when signing into OCA Learn.