Integrated Google Drive Applications

The integrated Google applications are similar to Microsoft Office, and provide word processing - Google Docs - slideshow - Google Slides - and spreadsheet - Google Sheets - functions, available immediately within your web browser, and without the need to download and install any additional software.

All three applications also support offline editing, whereby they can be edited without an internet connection, versioning and collaboration. The use case for each application has been outlined below;

Google Docs: Word Processor, similar to Microsoft Word, and can be used to compose documents. For more information and support regarding Google Docs, please visit the Google Docs Support page.

Google Slides: Presentation software, similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. For more information and support regarding Google Slides, please visit the Google Slides Support page.

Google Sheets: Spreadsheet software, similar to Microsoft Excel. For more information and support regarding Google Sheets, please visit the Google Sheets Support page.

For further information regarding any of the integrated applications, please visit the following Google Support page.