Accessing Google Drive

Information and guidance on how to access Google Drive and subsequent integrated applications can be found via the following Web Browser and Mobile or Tablet sub-chapters.

Web Browser

Users signed into multiple Google accounts and not using separate Google Chrome Profiles, may need to switch Google accounts before continuing.

Having accessed your OCA email account, first navigate to the Google homepage and select the Google Applications Menu - (grid of nine dots), located in the upper right corner and as demonstrated in the Google Homepage Interface chapter - followed by the ‘Drive’ option. 

Selecting the Google Apps Menu, you can also access any of the integrated Google Applications - Google Docs, Slides and Sheets - to create a new or access an existing project.

Mobile or Tablet

Students using a mobile and/or tablet to access Google Drive should first download the Google Drive App, available for free on both iOS or Android.

With the Google Drive App downloaded, you’ll next need to sign in using your OCA email address, where once signed in, you’ll have access to any existing file(s). To access your files using any of the integrated Google Applications, you’ll also need to download the respective Google Docs, Google Slides or Google Sheets application, whereby you’ll then be able to access and edit them as standard.

Students using a mobile and/or tablet can also access Google Drive using a web browser, but may encounter compatibility issues and is therefore not recommended.