Media Library

The Media Library can be accessed via the WordPress Dashboard and selecting ‘Media Library’ from the left hand menu, and contains any and all uploaded media, such as but not limited to images, videos or downloadable files. Deleting an image, video or file from a blog post doesn’t delete it outright, and the Media Library therefore acts as a repository and potential backup.

Deleting an image, video or downloadable file from the Media Library will delete it outright, thus making it inaccessible from any and all blog post(s) in which its used or referenced, but will not remove the individual reference(s) within your blog post(s).

Accessing an image via the Media Library also allows for minor edits, such as cropping or rotating. To edit an image, first select the appropriate image followed by the ‘Edit Image’ option. Please note that any changes made to an image via the Media Library will apply to all instance(s) where the same uploaded image has been included in your post using the 'Media Library' option when inserting the image into your blog post(s). The TEL Team would therefore recommend uploading the image twice in the event you want to use the image twice, editing only one of the two instances.