T‍ech Workshop: October 26th 2022

Available below is the TEL Te‍ch Workshop from October 26th.


This workshop opens with a demonstration including the following segments;

  • OCA Learn: Using the search function, accessibility options and how to submit an assignment.
  • Google Drive: Introduction and example use cases, creating and uploading documents, sharing and embedding uploaded files and documents.
  • Panopto: Introduction and example use cases, uploading and recording media, embedding media.
  • OCA Spaces: Introduction, creating a new learning log, overview and demonstration of both the Frontend and Gutenberg editor, embedding media and font colours.

Immediately following the demonstration segment, the workshop then progresses into a Q&A segment involving the students in attendance.

Additional Notes

At 1:20:31 where a question is raised regarding how to indent text using the Gutenberg Editor; this can be achieved by inserting a 'Classic Block' and adding your text as standard. With the desired text added and then selected, next select the 'Increase Indent' option, located on the bottom row and fourth icon from the right.