2. A selection of creative work

2.1. Exercise: Making a selection of your work

You have been asked to make a selection of your work. 

  1. What selection are you being asked to make? – check any specific assessment requirements in the Learning outcomes & subject specific guidance to identify what you are being asked to select, and how this might relate to your learning outcomes. 
  2. Choosing your selection – take time to look through your work and identify examples that you feel fit what you are being asked to select. You may want to start with a long list and then narrow this down. 
  3. Documenting your work – for physical work you may want to photograph, scan, or video your selection, and for digital work, you will need to collect together your digital files. 
  4. Presenting your selection – you can present your selection in a number of different ways. For example, as a series of numbered files in a folder, collected together into a digital portfolio, such as a PDF document, or as a slide show. Identify the most achievable way of presenting your selection together and in line with the guidelines. 
  5. Reflecting on the process – keep a note of your selection process in your learning log, as you may want to refer back to this in your reflective evaluation.