Garden Design guidance

Garden Design units:
  1. Garden Design 1: Past and Present
  2. Garden Design 1.2: Finding Your Creative Voice

Assessment requirements

When considering the learning outcomes for your course unit, it is important to know what you are being asked to submit. These are known as your assessment requirements. In summary, these will include:
  1. A selection of entries from your learning log -  These should evidence the connections between your coursework and the learning outcomes. Select between 2 to 3 learning log entries for each learning outcome.
  2. A selection of creative work - This should be a portfolio or other presentation of your final site design. You may also want to include some work, from the exercises and tasks set, that show the ‘process’ of your designing, as well as that that shows the final design outcome. Select between 10 to 12 pieces of creative work that best presents the creative story of your garden design work.
  3. Any written elements such as critical reviews.
  4. A reflective presentation or evaluation - This will be an opportunity to reflect on your learning experiences as a whole. It can take the form of a presentation, short video, or a written piece, and should be no longer than 6 minutes or 750 words.

Additional advice for HE4 Garden Design course units

  • Selection of learning log entries - It should illustrate an edited selection of the exercises done, and provide background information, research, sketches and notes, showing how you arrived at the ideas represented in those exercises and the final assignments. You may also wish to include any additional personal research work done beyond that required by the course documents.
  • Selection of creative work - Remember that your most creative work may not always be the ‘final’ design outcome, and could be - for example - a progression of quick, iterative, sketches or sketch models. In GD4PAP your Sculptures for Gardens presentation, Planting Design Portfolio and Planting journal may also be presented as part of your creative work.
  • Written elements - This should include the required essay review in Project 5: Historic Influences and any written notes/research done on Form and Fabric in Project 2. You may also wish to include reference to any additional personal reading done that relates to your course studies.
  • Reflective presentation or evaluation - This is a useful opportunity to evidence how you can communicate the progress made on your own learning journey. Think about personal strengths and weaknesses explored through the exercises and tasks set on the course, and reflect on how you will challenge those in the next part of your studies.