Music guidance

Music 3: Sustaining your Practice (MU6SYP)

Learning Outcomes

On satisfactory completion of the unit you will be able to:
  1. LO1 demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the professional context(s) relevant to your practice and have an understanding of the professional dimensions that underpin a successful music career
  2. LO2 coherently present a body of work, making creative presentation decisions that complement your subject and/or your artistic strategies, reflect critically on your work and on the work of other practitioners
  3. LO3 operate in complex commercial contexts requiring the application of specific interpersonal, professional and business skills within an ethical framework
  4. LO4 independently disseminate your body of work by establishing relationships and networks with audiences, clients and markets
  5. LO5 confidently engage a public audience with your practice and analyse, review and evaluate information relevant to your practice, identifying opportunities for professional development