5. Assessment requirements

The elements you need to submit are known as assessment requirements. All OCA courses ask for broadly the same requirements. These are:

  1. A selection of learning log entries - evidencing the connections between your coursework and learning outcomes. 
  2. A selection of creative work - such as a portfolio, or other presentation of your final or strongest pieces. 
  3. Any critical reviews, essays, or other written reports - these can be submitted as written or presentation formats. Not all courses require these elements.
  4. A reflective presentation or evaluation - reflecting on your work and learning journey as a whole. For most students this will either take the form of a 6 minute presentation or a 750 word written evaluation. 
  5. Your tutor reports - you should have received five or six reports from your tutor, depending upon your course. Please submit these as they help assessors understand your learning journey.
There are some variations in the assessment requirements by discipline, for example Music use listening logs in addition to learning logs, and creative writing use a reflective commentary instead of learning logs or a reflective presentation. You can check your course unit assessment requirements here.