Download Media

The following information and guidance is particularly applicable to students who may have completed their unit and/or degree, or wish to include your recording(s) elsewhere, such as in a Google Slides presentation, and would therefore like to download their recording(s).

To download a recording, first access Panopto followed by the video you'd like to download. Please note that as an OCA student, you cannot download videos which are included in course materials or have not been created by yourself.

Upon accessing the video, select the 'Download Podcast' (South facing arrow icon) option, located in the upper right corner, where you'll then be prompted to download the recording. If this option is not available or visible, then you do not have the required permission to download the video as mentioned above. Please also note that this process must be completed on an individual basis, and you cannot for instance, download multiple recordings at once.

By default, your recording will automatically be downloaded and saved as an .mp4 file format, which is intended to include both video and audio, and in the instance you only require the audio from the recording, please add ".mp3" to the end of the file name; this latter process may be particularly applicable to students who've used Panopto to record audio narration intended to be included in a Google Slides presentation, for example.