Record Media

Upon accessing Panopto, begin by selecting the red ‘Create’ option, located in the upper left. From the dropdown menu, students will then have the option of downloading the Panopto recording software, available for both Mac and Windows, by selecting the ‘Panopto for [OS]’ option. Alternatively and recommended by the TEL Team, students can also select the ‘Panopto Capture’ option, whereby you’ll be able to record video and/or audio using your browser.

As recommended by the TEL Team, the following guidance is only applicable to students who use the ‘Panopto Capture’ option, however, the following Panopto Support page provide guidance for students who choose to download the dedicated Panopto software; How to Record with Panopto for Windows and How to Record with Panopto for Mac.

Panopto Capture

Accessing the Panopto Capture interface, you’ll then find three green ‘Audio’, ‘Video’ and ‘Screen & Apps’ options which can be used to select, add or remove the various desired inputs as outlined below;

Audio: Used to record audio and allows users to select, add or remove an audio input such as your microphone.

Video: Used to record a video feed and allows users to select, add or remove a video input such as your webcam.

Screen & Apps: Used to record your device interface and allows users to select, add or remove an interface such as your desktop, a specific application or browser.

The three aforementioned inputs can be combined in any desired combination, for instance, to solely record audio - such as an instrument or voice narration - or to simultaneously record your browser interface and audio narration - such as to create an image flipbook, potentially created using Google Slides, and audio narration. Prior to starting your recording, you can also select the ‘Settings’ (Cog) icon, located in the bottom right, and amend additional settings, such as the quality or stream output.

P‍anopto Capture Interface

The following interactive Panopto Capture Interface activity provides information on the various applicable options available within the Panopto Capture interface. Begin by selecting any of the 'i' icons to find out more information about a specific option.

Stream output

Capture streams separately: Recommended by the TEL Team and allows those watching the video to switch between the different available video and screen and apps inputs.

Combine all streams into one: Combine all the inputs into a single input, preventing those watching from switching between a desired input.

With the desired inputs and settings selected, you can select the red ‘Record’ option to begin recording.

Once complete, you can stop the recording whereby it’ll automatically be uploaded and available via the ‘My Folder’ option on the Panopto homepage.