2. Summative mark

2.2. Failing

If assessment outcomes are incomplete or the work has not met one or more of the learning outcomes, then a student can fail.

A mark of 30-39 represents a partial fail, in which specific elements are missing or below the standard to pass. A mark of 30 or below represents a more fundamental fail in which a considerable amount of work is missing or below standard; this is also called an irretrievable fail.

Ordinarily, if you do fail at assessment you will be offered the opportunity to resubmit for a capped mark. This means that the maximum mark you could then achieve is 40, or a pass mark. If the Board of Examiners consider that you have an irretrievable fail at assessment, you will not be offered an opportunity to resubmit. 

If you do have an opportunity to resubmit for assessment this must happen at the next available assessment event.