Submitting your work

3. How do I submit?

3.3. For plagiarism checks

If you’re a Music student submitting your work for assessment through the OCA Learn VLE, you do not need to provide your work for plagiarism checks separately to your assessment submission as this check is carried out automatically.

For all students who submit for assessment using the GDrive service, you will need to carry out the following steps to submit your work for plagiarism checks:

  1. Identify what you will need to submit for plagiarism checks - See the Preparing your submission section for more details.
  2. Make a copy of the required file, or if you need to submit more than one piece of work, make copies of the different required files for plagiarism checks, and name each of them appropriately using:
    • your student number
    • your name
    • your course unit code
    • and the name of the piece being submitted, for example: First Selected Assignment, Critical Review, Reflective Commentary etc.
  3. Use a clear format when naming your file/s that uses hyphens or underscores to seperate words: 123456 - JBloggs - CA4CAT - Second Selected Assignment or 123456_JBloggs_CA4CAT_Reflective_Commentary
  4. Ensure you’re using an appropriate file format for TurnItIn to easily carry out the plagiarism check - Either .pdf or .docx or .doc file formats will work best.
  5. Email your file/s as attachments to the Assessment Team - - who will upload them to the TurnItIn service for the plagiarism check.
When sending your email to the Assessment Team, be sure to use a clear subject and accompanying text to clarify what it is you are submitting for plagiarism checks, and to confirm for which course unit and for which assessment event.

Plagiarism checks are an important part of the quality process. These checks are subject to the procedures set out in the Academic Misconduct Policy to ensure academic integrity. Submissions found to have breached the Academic Misconduct Policy may be sanctioned as set out in the policy.