3. How do I submit?

3.2. Using OCA Learn to submit

Currently only Music course units are submitting via OCA Learn.

A video walkthrough of how to upload your work via OCA Learn can be found here.

  1. Before you begin uploading your files, we advise that you prepare an assessment folder in the file browser on your computer, or in GDrive and copy all of the files you plan to submit there. Check this against your assessment requirements and make sure that everything you need is included.
  2. To submit your work, sign into OCA Learn.
  3. Click on My Courses and select the course you will be submitting work for. If you cannot access the course you require, please contact your Programme Leader. 
  4. Scroll down to the Assessment section at the bottom of the menu on the left hand side. Within the assessment section, you will find copies of the assessment guidelines and other information you may find helpful. 
  5. At the bottom of the section there is an Assignment Task, named Summative Assessment Submission. Click on this and you will be taken to the upload page. Go to Add Submission. You will see a File Submissions box where you can upload your files. Underneath this is an Online Text box where you can type any relevant text, for example your list of signposted learning log posts or your reflective evaluation. 
  6. Under the File Submission heading there are two icons. The icon on the left allows you to drag and drop individual files from your computer’s file browser or GDrive folder. The icon on the right allows you to create individual folders if you would like to organise the different elements of your submission. Once you have created a new folder, click on it to add files. 
  7. Once you have uploaded your files, add any additional text you wish to include in the Online Text box below. 
  8. When everything is in place, click on Save Changes
  9.  On the next screen, look in the grey box on the right hand side to check everything is there. If anything is missing, you can add files as needed.

If you need help during the process, email techsupport@oca.ac.uk