3. How do I submit?

3.1. Using GDrive to submit

GDrive is a file storage service developed by Google, which is freely available for all OCA students. GDrive folders have been used at previous assessments events, so many students will be familiar with how they work. Below is a step by step guide to submitting on GDrive:

  1. You will receive an email invitation from the Assessment Team linking you to your own GDrive folder, held on the GDrive service. The folder will be accessible until the deadline for submissions. 
  2. Use the link in this email invitation to access the folder. Alternatively, if you are more familiar with GDrive, you will find the folder listed under the ‘Shared with me’ section of GDrive. 
  3. The title of the folder should include your name, student number, and the course unit you are submitting for assessment. If any of these details are incorrect, or you believe that you have been shared into an incorrect folder, please contact assessment@oca.ac.uk 
  4. In your GDrive folder you will find a series of subfolders. These subfolders will relate to the elements you need to submit for your specific course. Into each of these subfolders, you can upload the relevant elements of your assessment submission, making your work navigable for yourself and the assessors. 
  5. Once you have familiarised yourself with your GDrive folders you can begin uploading your work for assessment. Please access the Checklist document, available in your GDrive folder, to record what files you are submitting for assessment. 
  6. Once you have completed uploading your files to the GDrive folders, use the checklist document to ensure that everything you need to upload is in the correct folder, that they are in accessible digital formats, and clearly labelled.

For technical support on using GDrive, you may want to look at this guidance from Google.