Submitting your work

2. When do I submit

After you have completed your unit, you will be invited to submit for the next formal assessment event in the schedule. Remember, completion of your unit is defined as submitting all assignments to your tutor, and having received all tutor feedback reports. Check the Assessment Schedule section for the key dates of upcoming assessment events to see which event you will be invited to.

If you've been invited for assessment, but you have extenuating circumstances which mean that you will be unable to submit your work for assessment, you could apply to defer assessment to the following assessment event. See the Student Handbook for details on deferring assessment and how to apply.

When we have reached the cut off date for unit completions for a given assessment event, you will receive an email linking you to your GDrive folder via your OCA student email account, and a reminder of the deadline by which you need to submit.

Generally you will have a minimum of two weeks between receiving this email to the deadline for submission, so this should give you time to prepare, and get used to uploading your files. The sooner you complete your unit before an assessment event's cut off date, the more time you will have to prepare your submission, however you will still need to wait for the email linking you to your GDrive folder before you can submit.

If you become concerned that you do not have enough time to submit your work for assessment, inform the Assessment team by contacting:

If you fail to submit work for assessment when invited to do so, and have not been granted deferral of assessment, you will receive a fail for the unit and a mark of zero (0). You will then be offered a re-submission opportunity at the next assessment event. Full details on re-submissions can be found in the Academic Regulations.