6. Preparing your submission

All of your work will need to be in a digital format in order to submit it. Links to existing online learning logs can be cut and pasted, or physical material/work photographed, scanned, or videoed. You will need to use the same digital approach to document your selection of creative work, unless it is already in a digital format. Critical reviews and other essays can be presented as digital documents, whether written or presentation. Ideally, your reflective presentation is produced as a digital slideshow or video with audio, so we can hear from you directly.

Use accessible digital formats that make it easy for assessors to easily access your work. This means using: 

  • PDFs - for large or lengthy documents such as portfolios or learning log entries 
  • JPEG, JPG - for images 
  • Google Doc or Word documents for written elements (.doc / .docx / .pdf) 
  • Videos / short film can be saved as .mp4 or .mov files 
  • Audio files can be saved as .mp3 files 
  • All score-based work (Music course units only) should be saved using Sibelius or Dorico files only. No other file types will be accepted.
  • Avoid sending work in specialist software such as Adobe Photoshop or Apple Pages files

If you are new at digitally documenting your work, you will find additional advice and guidance through the Department Space for your discipline on OCA Learn. Remember, you don't need to be an expert in documenting your work, you will develop new skills by doing it, and over time these skills will improve.