Illustration guidance

BA (Hons) Illustration units:

  1. Illustration 1: Key Steps in Illustration (VC4KSI)
  2. Illustration 1: Illustration Sketchbooks (VC4ISK)
  3. Book Design 1: Creative Book Design (VC4CBD) See Visual Communication guidance
  4. Drawing 1: Drawing Skills (DR4DRS) 
  5. Graphic Design 1: Core Concepts (VC4GDC) 
  6. Visual Skills 1: Visual Dynamics (VC4VSD) See Visual Communication guidance
  7. Painting 1: Understanding Painting Media (PT4UPM) 
  8. Printmaking 1: Introduction to Printmaking (PM4PMI) 
  9. Visual Communication 1: Graphic Fiction (VC4GRF) 
  10. Visual Studies 1: Creative Arts Today (CA4CAT) see Visual Studies guidance
  11. Illustration 2: Responding to a Brief (VC5ILL)
  12. Visual Skills 2: Visual Exploration (VC5VEX) See Visual Communication guidance
  13. Illustration 3: Advanced Practice (IL6ADP)
  14. Illustration 3: Visual Research (IL6RES)
  15. Illustration 3: Sustaining Your Practice (IL6SYP)

Assessment requirements

When considering the learning outcomes for your course unit, it is important to know what you are being asked to submit. These are known as your assessment requirements. In summary, these will include:

  1. A selection of entries from your learning log. These should evidence the connections between your coursework and the learning outcomes.
  2. A selection of creative work. This should be a portfolio or other presentation of your final or strongest pieces. You should aim to select 8 to 12 pieces of creative work.
  3. Any written elements such as critical reviews. This should include any required essay, review or report elements.
  4. A reflective presentation or evaluation. This will be an opportunity to reflect on your learning experiences as a whole. It can take the form of a presentation, short video, or a written piece, and should be no longer than 6 minutes or 750 words.