8. How does assessment take place?

Assessment takes place at one of three annual Assessment Events, where tutors act as assessors and moderators, overseen by a Programme Leader, and supported by other academic staff at OCA. At the end of the event, External Examiners are invited to check and comment on the process. External Examiners are senior academics and subject specialists from other HE institutions.

At Stage One (HE4) and Stage Two (HE5), assessment is initially undertaken by a first assessor, who will spend upto 2 hours looking at your submission. Once a provisional mark is in place, it will be moderated by another member of the team. They will look at your work and provisional mark to see if it aligns with other submissions, and make adjustments if necessary.

At Stage Three (HE6) and Undergraduate (HE7), where marks count towards final degree classifications, assessment is undertaken by a first and second assessor. Both of whom will spend upto 2 hours looking at, and discussing, your submission and mark.