Learning outcomes & discipline specific guidance

Interior Design guidance

Interior Design 1: Exploring Principles and Theories (ID4EPT)

Learning Outcomes

On satisfactory completion of the unit you will be able to:

  1. LO1 Begin to use multiple forms of media to demonstrate research, observation and analysis of existing spaces and designs, and develop an understanding of the circulation and use of space
  2. LO2 Begin to use multiple forms of media to demonstrate an understanding of the basic elements of interior design including architectural structures, major features, lighting, materials and spatial design vocabulary and express how these inform interior spaces
  3. LO3 Begin to demonstrate a thorough approach to creative exploration and communication by evidencing sketches, model making, schematics, technical drawing and digital visualisation
  4. LO4 Begin to adopt and communicate effective reflective skills and evaluation of the design outcome, appropriate to the core principles of the unit

Your work across the unit ID4EPT should reflect all four of these learning outcomes.