MU4CPM: Summative Assessment Submission

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In submitting your work for Formal Summative Assessment, you need to provide the following through this Assignment Activity:

    1. Your complete listening log. This applies to all music course units. You should submit your complete listening log in either document form (PDF or Word file) or as an online blog. 

    2. A list of selected entries from your learning log. These should evidence the connections between your coursework and the learning outcomes. Aim to signpost between 8 and 15 posts for each course unit submitted, corresponding to approximately two or three for each learning outcome.

    3. A selection of creative work. Select any three assignments from the work done for assignments one to five. All score-based work must be submitted in Sibelius or Dorico format, and all written work must be submitted in Word or PDF format. No other document types will be accepted. Include also a summary of revisions explaining any changes you have made to your assignment work following tutor feedback.

    4. A reflective presentation or evaluation. This will be an opportunity to reflect on your learning experiences as a whole. It can take the form of a presentation, short video, or a written piece, and should be 6 minutes or 750 words long.

    5. Your tutor reports for all five assignments, and any annotations your tutor has made on your work.

Please check the current assessment guidelines carefully before submitting your work, and ensure that all of the required work is uploaded in the correct format and clearly labelled. If you have any questions, please contact the Programme Leader before the submission deadline.