Guidance on preparing your submission

3. Critical Reviews

3.1. Exercise: Critical reviews

  1. Do you need to submit a critical review? Please check the Learning outcomes & subject specific guidance. If you do, please continue with the following steps. 
  2. Check your word count and spelling. If you have not done so already, check the spelling and word count in your document using your software. 
  3. Check your use of Harvard Referencing. You should cite any research you have undertaken through secondary sources using the Harvard referencing system. The system can be applied to books, quotations, images, films and any other work you wish to reference. Through written citations it helps to locate work and prevents any accidental plagiarism. To find out how to use Harvard, please visit The Library page on OCA Learn, and the Library Help and Support section.
  4. Documenting your work. You can choose to either type up your Critical Review using the available Google Drive tools (Gdocs) or otherwise submit a Microsoft Word docx file. You can obtain MS Office 365 applications, including MS Word, by registering as a student user on the Office 365 Education site.
  5. Submitting work for plagiarism checks. All extended written work - this will be particular assignments such as critical reviews / essays (and all final assignment pieces for creative writing assessments) must be submitted for plagiarism checks by the submission deadline. Please prepare your files in either Word or PDF formats (see the Plagiarism checks subchapter for full details).