Understanding your marksheet

4. The new marksheet

This guidance is specifically for students who have been assessed at the OCA prior to the start of the academic year 2021/22.

Following the introduction of the new OCA assessment criteria, our marksheets have been reformatted into one standard form that can be used across all undergraduate stages regardless of level and course unit. This differs to the previous marksheets given the use of multiple assessment criteria across various OCA course units.

The new marksheet still contains aspects that were present in the previous form:

  • A personal details table which confirms the details of the submission that was assessed, such as student name and number, course unit being assessed, degree programme enrolled to, confirmation of resubmission etc.
  • An overall comments and feedforward table.

Aspects that have changed in the new marksheet form include:

  • The table that contained the assessment criteria, range statements, weighted summative marks and final mark has been replaced by a new set of tables.
  • As the new OCA assessment criteria no longer makes use of weighted marks per criteria, the column for these marks has been removed.
  • References to the different assessment criteria's informing the final mark are no longer used as the new OCA assessment criteria is used across the board.

We hope that this clarifies what has changed in the marksheet and what has remained the same.