Understanding your marksheet

3. Summative feedback

3.1. Exercise: Making use of your assessment feedback

It is always useful to reflect on your feedback, identifying what you feel are the key themes and areas for development. This will help you identify what you can take from your feedback and develop a reflective approach to your studies.
  1. Undertake your own self-evaluation of your work. You may want to re-read your reflective presentation or evaluation to help you. How would you mark yourself against the assessment criteria?
  2. Take some time to compare your summative feedback with your own self-evaluation; what are the similarities and differences?
  3. Do you understand the feedback? Consider sharing your feedback with a fellow student on the forums to help unpack it together.
  4. What are you taking from your summative feedback and self-evaluation? Draw up a set of key themes or aims you would like to develop. You may want to share these with the tutor on your next course unit.