Submitting your work

5. Planning your time

Whether you have been getting ready for assessment throughout your course or are just beginning the process now, here are some suggestions on how you can best utilise your time: 

  1. Aim to have a two week period to prepare for assessment.
  2. Check that you can access the GDrive folder sent to you (or access OCA Learn for Music courses). Don’t leave this until the last minute. There is still plenty of time to ask for help if there is a problem. 
  3. Consider uploading a test document if you are not confident with GDrive and would like to practice. 
  4. Undertake the exercises in the Preparing your submission resource. This will help you gather the assessment requirements you need to submit. 
  5. Review the work you have produced and start to make a selection of creative work. It's useful to return to this process, so you have time to reflect on it. 
  6. Refer to the learning outcomes to ensure your selection supports your choices. 
  7. Work through the Critical reviews exercise. Only students at Higher Education Levels 5 and 6 are likely to have a Critical Review, however the points on referencing and word counts may be useful to any student with an essay or extended piece of writing within their course.
  8. Now that you have considered your learning log entries and selection of creative work, undertake the Producing a reflective presentation or evaluation exercise. Re-read your tutor reports to help identify key moments in your learning to help you with your reflective presentation. Remember that you can do this as a video, which might make it easier, and allows you to try different versions. 
  9. Check you are happy with your selection of work, and make any changes. 
  10. If you have not been uploading as you go, submit your work to the GDrive folder (OCA Learn for Music courses). The larger your digital files, the slower it will take to upload. Different broadband providers supply different upload speeds and your location and IT equipment could also affect your service/access to it. Allow time for this activity. 
  11. Once your work is uploaded, complete the Checklist document.