Guidance on preparing your submission

4. A reflective presentation

4.1. Exercise: Producing a reflective presentation or evaluation

You are asked to produce a reflective presentation or evaluation. This can take the form of a presentation, short video, or a written evaluation. It should be no longer than 6 minutes or an equivalent 750 words. 

For Creative Writing students the evaluation takes the form of a reflective presentation or commentary. Please see the Critical Writing Guide for more details. 

  1. Be reflective – use this opportunity to review the unit as a whole and identify what you have gained by doing it. You may want to re-read your learning log and formative feedback to help identify key learning moments. 
  2. Here are a few questions you may want to use as a starting point – What were your expectations at the start of your unit? How have you responded to tutor feedback? What hurdles have you faced, and how have you responded? What do you think you have learned as a whole? 
  3. Capture and present your thoughts – depending on how you like to work, you can write a short written evaluation, or produce a slide show that visually connects your reflections to your work. Alternatively, you can produce a short video or audio piece in which you can talk directly to the assessors. Identify an approach that is achievable for you.