Learning outcomes & discipline specific guidance

Photography guidance

Photography 2: Documentary Fact and Fiction (PH5DFF) - also includes Photography 2: Documentary (PH5DOC)

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the unit you will be able to:
  1. LO1 demonstrate detailed knowledge of visual and conceptual strategies in documentary practice and be able to explore your own critical documentary photographic projects
  2. LO2 demonstrate an awareness of the wider social and cultural contexts in which documentary photography operates and be able to discuss relevant ethical perspectives in relation to your own practice
  3. LO3 explore and realise a range of ideas and creative starting points, and exercise judgement in the production of visual material
  4. LO4 manage learning resources, conduct self-directed contextual and visual research, and be able to appraise your progress with increasing confidence
  5. LO5 demonstrate increasing autonomy and a developing personal voice, and exercise your communication skills confidently and interact effectively within a learning group