Learning outcomes & discipline specific guidance

Music guidance

Music 2: Moving on with Composition (MU5MWC)

Learning Outcomes 

On satisfactory completion of the unit you will be able to:
  1. LO1 demonstrate complex rhythmic, melodic and harmonic ideas by using them in your own compositions using various accompaniment styles and contrapuntal techniques
  2. LO2 demonstrate an understanding of the ranges and techniques of composing for orchestral instruments through appropriate use in your own compositions supported by relevant research
  3. LO3 compose pieces for orchestra analysing and drawing inspiration from the scores and performances of the works of other composers
  4. LO4 articulate an extended knowledge of the evolution and styles of music in a critical review and reflect on how your development of knowledge has influenced and enhanced your own compositional work
  5. LO5 present correctly notated scores using appropriate software